Is Brian Deady's new album the record of the year?

Brian Deady
Brian Deady

Brian Deady is one of the finest soul artists to come out of Ireland in recent years.

Today, he releases his brand new single ‘A Darkness’ - the first track from his new album ‘Non-Fiction’ - almost 4 years since ‘Interview’ his debut album hit the shelves.

On the day of  the highly anticipated release, the Sunday World spoke to Brian.

"'Interview' was the result of everything I loved about music and in my own way trying to fuse it all together .

"The new album 'Non-Fiction' is an evolution on that path in that it's still a soul record but this time it's more personal, I'm delving deeper into my own turbulent past . It's also a more lyric based record. Ross Dowling who worked on James Vincent Mcmorrow's last album is also a producer, and helping me out on it.

"I've been listening the likes of Future Island & Jon Hopkins and old Lomax chain gang recordings which are really special ,but surprisingly it hasn't just been influenced by musical artists alone, one of the songs is a direct result of how I felt after watching 12 Years A Slave."

When we asked Brian about dates for the new album, he said:

"I'm still in the middle of it ,but I’m setting my sights on mid October.  I’m writing to you from the studio right now and will be for the next few weeks. 'Non-Fiction' will basically be a compilation  of songs I’ve written over the past 6 years but a lot of new fresh songs are being written now which is really great ."

Deady has garnered a cult-like following around him in recent years. There’s a unique rasp to his voice that’s unlike any other, and his work has gained praise from legend musicians like Nile Rodgers, who called him his favourite act in Ireland after Deady supported Chic at the Cork Opera House. 

As well as songs like ‘Lightning and Thunder’, which he performed on The Late Late Show, and ‘Bad Girl’, Deady has made great use of music showcasing sites like Soundcloud. 

His Nu-Wop versions of classic songs are highly regarded, ranging from his R'n'B covers of Drake and Kanye West to King Harvest's ‘Dancing in the Moonlight’.

"Making the Nu Wop stuff was a great education for me. You get to learn a lot about music by deconstructing a song and then singing every part of it. I reached new audiences with it and it was also great fun. You never know if I hear something that I really like then I just might make an exception, and put some more together."

Here’s the video to Deady’s excellent  new single, ‘A Darkness’, and it’s also available for download on ITunes.

Ross Murphy