Fans raise a glass to Home Brew in Dublin's Molloy's pub

Home Brew
Home Brew

LIVELY Dublin pub Molloy’s is fast becoming one of the hotspots for music lovers.

Fans have recently been treated to great gigs by north Dublin outfit Home Brew – with more set to continue.

The trio originally came together as friends to jam and drink tea but they have now developed into one of the best live groups on the Dublin scene.  

Their range encompasses music from the Irish, English and American folk tradition.

But they also touch the modern greats such as Bob Dylan, Tom Waits, Bill Withers, The Beatles and Bowie as well as contemporary acts such as Elbow, Declan O’Rourke and Damien Rice.  

Home Brew are also accomplished songwriters in their own right with an EP due for release in 2016. 

They have been playing at Molloy’s on Talbot Street since the start of the New Year. Molloy’s Lounge is developing into a live music venue for bands and up and coming artists. 

Check out Home Brew playing at Molloy’s Friday April 1 and Friday April 8.