Gary Numan doesn't care about electro music

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Gary Numan doesn't care about electro music

Gary Numan doesn't care about current electronic music.

The 'Cars' hitmaker admitted he takes no interest in popular EDM and doesn't consider him to be waving a flag for the genre.

Speaking to BANG Showbiz, he said: "I don't really care [about Electronic music] to be honest. I just look after myself. I do my own thing and make sure I am doing what I want to do and the rest of it does what it likes. I'm not a flag waving champion for electronic music."

Asked what inspires him to make music nowadays, he said: "Same as always really the life you lead the things that happen. Electronic music is technology driven. We are being fed constantly new equipment and new software, so in a way it's easy because you are given these amazing things that you couldn't do a year ago and I find that exciting because I'm anarchy and geeky."

He added: "As I say I find it easy to be inspired. I don't have to look around too much for something to do it, it's right there in front of me."