Dolly Parton lives on her tour bus

Dolly Parton lives on her tour bus

Dolly Parton lives on her tour bus.

The 70-year-old country music legend has revealed she never splashes out on hotel rooms when she is on the road and would much rather sleep in a bunk on her bus because she has all the facilities she needs on there.

Speaking on 'Good Morning Britain' on Friday (19.08.16), she said: "Yes I live in the bus, I never stay in hotels. I just have everything I need there, no commotion. I just pour right up to the stage door, go on, do my show, come right back out and go to bed."

The '9 to 5' hitmaker - who is currently on her 'Pure & Simple World Tour' - also shared how when she gets back home she likes to wear high heels in the house because she's too little to reach her food cabinets.

She said: "Well it's nice to get home, I don't kick off the high heels usually... my house shoes have five inch heels, I can't reach my cabinets without my shoes on! But actually I do love my work, I love what I do, it's a way of life with me."

Meanwhile, Dolly said performing on stage is the best feeling in the world.

Asked if she is her happiest on stage, she said: "I think probably I am because there is just a certain kind of energy, a certain kind of love, a certain kind of light."

The buxom blonde - who recently renewed her vows to her husband Carl Thomas Dean - has just released her 43rd studio LP 'Pure & Simple - and said her song 'I'm Sixteen' is actually about her still feeling like a teenager.

Talking about the track, she said: "Well I feel 16, I really do and I work like I'm 16 and I look at the numbers that I really am and I think, 'that can't be me, that can't be so'.

"There's nothing we can do about the numbers but there is a lot we can do about the attitude. I'm a self-made woman and I got the doctor bills to prove it!"