Charlie Puth axes tour due to illness

Charlie Puth axes tour due to illness

Charlie Puth has cancelled the remaining dates on his 'Don't Talk' tour.

The 24-year-old singer has pulled out of shows in Nashville, St. Louis, Philadelphia, Denver and Los Angeles because he is "extremely sick" and needs to rest.

He tweeted: "Unfortunately I have to cancel the remaining dates on my 'Don't Talk' tour. This is the last thing I want to do because I love being on the road performing and meeting every one of you. You are the reason I can do what I love most for a living and I am so thankful.

"I have been extremely sick pushing through these dates and haven't taken the time my body needs to recover. Resting and taking time off the road is the only way I can get better and start performing for you again.

"I promise I will do whatever I can to make it up to you. I love you so much. I'm deeply sorry. Charlie."

Earlier this month, Charlie tweeted a picture of himself sick in bed after he had to pull out of a show because he had the flu and had lost his voice.

Meanwhile, the star admitted he used to "cringe" if he hit a flat note while performing but no longer worries about sounding perfect live as his "energy" can carry him through.

He said: "It's something I've been trying to tackle over this past year. ... When I first started rehearsing for my first tour last year, I would get discouraged - 'Why were my vocals not 100 per cent pitch perfect?'

"It's totally normal, but it bothered me. I used to cringe on stage when I would hit a flat note, but I've learned that doing things live is a lot more forgiving than doing things in the studio.

"It's all about the energy live, and that can make up for the imperfections that might not be on the records."