Charli XCX wrote Fancy in 30 minutes

Charli XCX wrote Fancy in 30 minutes

Charli XCX wrote 'Fancy' in half an hour.

The 24-year-old singer songwriter has revealed it only took her and Iggy Azalea 30 minutes to pen the hit track.

She said: "We wrote it in like half an hour. Iggy had like done her rap so I just came in the studio and put the chorus down so that was it, it was a really quick process."

When asked how her life changed after the song was released, she added: "I think really behind the scenes, [more] than my life. It did change my life in the sense that, I was definitely exposed to a lot more people, you know I was writing with bigger artists, and I guess I just partied a lot more after 'Fancy', which was really cool."

And the 'Boom Clap' hitmaker loved working with Selena Gomez on her track 'Same Old Love'.

Recalling the process, she shared: "We hung out in London after she cut that song, I really respect her a lot, she works really hard, she's a cool girl."

Meanwhile, Charli also revealed she has a close bond with Rita Ora and cites the 'I Will Never Let You Down' hitmaker as her "only famous friend".

She added to PEOPLE magazine: "I love hanging out with Rita - she is probably like my only famous friend or whatever. She just feels like someone I grew up with, she's very down to earth and I love that. She knows how to party."