Busted reunite with Miss McKenzie for new video

Busted reunite with Miss McKenzie for new video

Busted have reunited with school teacher crush Miss McKenzie for their new music video.

The pop rockers - Charlie Simpson, James Bourne and Matt Willis - first shot a video with Miss McKenzie, real name Lorna Roberts, for their 2002 debut song 'What I Got To School For'.

The reunited trio decided to track her down to appear in the promo for their comeback track.

According to website Digital Spy, bassist Matt said: "We were thinking of interesting things to film whilst we were recording at Abbey Road, and came up with the idea of tracking down the original Miss McKenzie from the 'What I Got To School For video'.

"It was a really fun trip down memory lane and took us back to 13 years ago when we first filmed the video. And she still looks great!"

Just as they've taken a trip down memory lane for their new video, frontman Charlie can't wait to play all the band's back catalogue live.

He said: "I'm kind of looking forward to re-imagining some of these songs. I've got some ideas. Obviously we're in a different place now to 10 years ago, so it's going to be fun."