Bruno Mars collaborating with Skrillex

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Bruno Mars collaborating with Skrillex

Bruno Mars is collaborating with Skrillex.

The 'Locked Out Of Heaven' hitmaker is currently working on new music with the electronic music producer, who has promised that it "sounds like nothing else that's happened before".

He told Billboard: "I'm actually working with Bruno Mars right now. I'm not going to give specifics of what it sounds like, but what we're doing is so f**king different, awesome and next level and sounds like nothing else that's happened before.

"Every time I get in the studio with somebody else and collaborate, that's when I always have revelations and learn about stuff. And I just love stepping outside of what I know and there's no other music position that can do that. Like as a singer, you're in a band. I think what we are musically in our head space, there's no other way. I can step outside my box anytime and that wasn't possible before."

And Skrillex also admitted that collaborating with Justin Bieber last year was a risk but called it one of his biggest accomplishments.

He said: "I did records with Justin Bieber, but at the same time we're sitting in that studio and he hasn't put anything out that's cracked the top ten in years and who knows what would have happened. But at the same time, I felt like I was challenging myself with what pop music could sound like.

"Getting a No. 1 for 'Sorry' with Justin was pretty f**king sick, because my own personal music got big in a different way. We sell records, but it's not on radio and to have a song that's like that on radio... even 'Where Are U Now' and other Jack U records, that s**t's pretty cool."