Brian on the Horizon

MusicBy Eamon Dillon
Brian on the Horizon
Brian on the Horizon
Brian on the Horizon
Brian on the Horizon

TWO legends became one at U2’s emotional home-coming Friday night gig, when Bono dedicated a song to rugby legend Brian O’Driscoll.

“This is dedicated to Brian O’Driscoll, who is here tonight,” he said as the band began one of their all-time great hits, Pride (In The Name of Love).

The sports star posted on social media a photo of himself and wife Amy Huberman at the sell-out gig with the word “savage”.
Bono let the audience at the 3 Arena know he was in party mode and Hollywood stars Colin Farrell and Matt Damon got to see the show.

“Every time we play we try to make it feel like a Friday night in Dublin,” he told the lucky fans who managed to get tickets for one of the four gigs.
“This is a city where gold medallists call home – we are Olympians at having fun,” he said to wild applause.
Fans have been unanimous in U2 being at their very best following the series of Innocence + Experience gigs in Dublin this week.

During a video montage of his childhood at Cedarwood Road, he talked about sitting in his room trying to write songs “to impress Alison Stewart”.
“I’m still working on that and she’s here tonight,” he said, before launching into A Song for Someone. 

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