Bloc Party are working on new music

Bloc Party are working on new music

Bloc Party are working on a new album.

The band's frontman Kele Okereke has confirmed they've started recording their fifth LP following the release of 'Four' in 2012, after which they embarked on a hiatus, and admits it has a very different sound to their previous material.

He said: "I guess it's the first time that I have talked about it but we are making a record at the moment.

"It's sounding like nothing that we've done before but that's what everyone always says."

The 33-year-old star - who has previously released two solo albums 'The Boxer' and 'Trick' - has reunited with bandmates Russell Lissack and Gordon Moakes and they're currently working on a number of songs for the record.

He told Australian radio station Triple J: "We're at the writing/recording phase. We've started recording - I think we have about 18 [song] ideas and we're going to lay them down properly in the next few months."

Describing their new music as "an evolution of where we were", he added: "So far there's nothing that I can compare it to really in terms of other musicians, whereas in the past I always could - we were always trying to reference something else."

Bloc Party's new album will be released to mark the 10th anniversary of their debut record 'Silent Alarm'.