Axl Rose's wants to write romance soundtrack

Axl Rose's wants to write romance soundtrack

Axl Rose wants to write the music for a 'Pride and Prejudice' movie.

The Guns 'N' Roses rocker would love to compose the soundtrack if a new adaptation of Jane Austen's classic romance is ever made.

In an interview with Sir David Tang at London's China Exchange earlier this week, he said: "I would like to write the music for 'Pride and Prejudice'. I only listen to movie soundtracks, it can be 'Pirates of the Caribbean' or 'The Equaliser'."

Axl reunited with his Guns 'N' Roses bandmates Slash and Duff McKagan earlier this year for a series of concerts and he hopes that they will take their 'Not in This Lifetime' tour to Europe.

He said: "We are coming to the UK with Guns 'N' Roses - I want to keep it going. If Slash wants to play that's great."

Axl also revealed he is considering writing an autobiography but is worried about how his bandmates will react.

He said: "It's tough because I haven't figured out how to word things in a way that doesn't just look like I'm being negative to everybody else and calling them a liar. Slash and I hadn't talked in 19 years, and when we did talk, I was, like, 'You wrote a lot of stuff that didn't even happen. It's not real.'"