October 24th, 2016


Meryl Streep wants to play Hillary Clinton in biopic

Katie Price attends sister's graduation with love rival's ex-husband

Zooey Deschanel: 'Having a baby means I should board planes first!'

Zooey Deschanel mistakenly thought she'd get to board planes first now that she travels with her baby daughter.

Ne-Yo: 'Women deserve respect in music'

Chris Hemsworth mocks troubled marriage reports

Video: Britney Spears suffers wardrobe malfunction onstage

Zoe Hardman names baby girl Luna

Zoe Hardman named her daughter Luna because it came to her in a dream.

Gender swap comedy Sam is perfect film for Caitlyn Jenner

James Corden's singing nerves

Lily Collins penning personal memoir

Lily Collins is penning a memoir.