William Shatner apologises for Star Trek V

William Shatner apologises for Star Trek V

William Shatner has apologised for 'Star Trek V'.

The 85-year-old actor both starred in and directed the 1989 film - which has been voted the the second worst 'Star Trek' film ever made behind 'Star Trek Into Darkness' - but he isn't proud of his work and blames the production's budget.

He told Entertainment Weekly: "I got the chance to direct a several-million-dollar movie, Star Trek V, and I did not get the help I needed in allocating my budget, so when it came to shooting the ending - needing a good villain and lots of computer graphics - I had run out of money.

"Sorry about that. I had to use footage that I had already shot - and spit on it a lot. I wanted to give [the audience] earth-breaking granite monsters spewing rocks and fire. Instead, I had a few pebbles in my hand that I threw at the camera."

Shatner recently revealed his fears that he wouldn't be able to put his children through college when 'Star Trek' was cancelled.

Shatner - who played James T. Kirk in the original television series - worried he wouldn't be able to give his children an education when the show was axed in 1969.

He said: "It was devastating. It was all very comfortable by that point. This place that I come to every morning, leave in the evening and a cheque comes every week. And now you're taking it away from me? My five-year mission was to put my children through college!"