Star Wars: Episode VIII leak claims Luke will teach Rey about lightsabers

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Star Wars: Episode VIII leak claims Luke will teach Rey about lightsabers

'Star Wars: Episode VIII' will see Luke Skywalker teach Rey about lightsabers, a leak has claimed.

YouTube user Mike Zeroh claims he received an email from a source, who accurately gave him information on Episode 7 before its release, about a new scene in the hotly-anticipated sequel, where Luke (Mark Hamill) spectacularly dismantles a lightsaber in front of Rey's (Daisy Ridley) eyes.

The e-mail reads: "Luke takes his arm out and uses the force and pulls the lightsaber from Rey gently, her lightsaber floats through the air in between them, slowly going to Luke's hand as he grabs it.

"The next sequence is of Luke Skywalker taking out his other hand and his lightsaber floats out of his belt, at this point Luke has two hands semi raised up with two lightsabers, green on the left and blue on the right.

"From what has been described, Luke closes his eyes and dismantles both lightsabers, all metal and components removed into pieces, all the building blocks of both lightsabers are separated into tiny bits and pieces, leaving only two crystals, one in each hand (green over left and blue over right hand) and informs her about the importance of the Crystals."

Meanwhile, a previously leaked script appeared to share details about Rey's background.

In the scene, Luke tells Rey about the origins of the Jedi, which started with a boy and a girl living on a planet with their parents.

The children manage to secure weird powers before the boy tries to kill the girl. Thinking he has got rid of his sister, he joins the Dark Side but she actually survives and becomes the founder of the Jedi order.