Scarlett Johansson thinks Chris Hemsworth is sexier

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Scarlett Johansson thinks Chris Hemsworth is sexier

Scarlett Johansson thinks Chris Hemsworth is sexier than her on the big screen.

The 'Avengers: Age of Ultron' actress - who plays the Black Widow in the franchise - claims her character can't compete with her Australian co-star, who plays Thor, when it comes to looks and brains.

Asked what it's like playing the smartest and sexiest superhero in the film, the 30-year-old star told BANG Showbiz at a press conference ahead of the film's European premiere at the Vue Cinema in the Westfield, London last night (21.04.15): "Really!? Have you seen Chris Hemsworth!?"

But Scarlett appreciates that the Black Widow is "a very slippery fish" and wouldn't hesitate to star in her own Marvel movie.

She said: "I think one the qualities that I love and I'm interested in is that she's able to do something for herself and maybe have a relationship with somebody [Bruce Banner], and open up in that way. There's this kind of greater calling that's pulling her and she really selflessly chooses that. She's a very slippery fish, for her job. But, when you get her, Natasha is in herself, which is kind of cool. And be her sexy self. And yeah, a Black Widow movie, that would be cool. I'm always happy to put the black suit on."