Sam Claflin hates heartthrob roles

Sam Claflin hates heartthrob roles

Sam Claflin hates being offered "heartthrob" roles.

The 29-year-old actor - who's starred in 'The Hunger Games' and 'Pirates of the Caribbean' franchises - has claimed he often gets overlooked for parts simply of the movie roles he's previously appeared in.

He said: "I hate being offered heartthrob after heartthrob.

"It is something that stresses me out about the industry, that because you've done one part you can't do any others - you want to say, 'I act, you know. I can pretend.'

"You get overlooked because of the way you talk or look. Because I did 'The Riot Club' I'm offered a lot of posh roles, and people won't cast me as 'taxi driver number 3'."

Despite working in a glamorous industry, Sam also revealed he's experienced periods of "loneliness" during his acting career, which has seen him star alongside the likes of Oscar-winning performer Jennifer Lawrence and Kristen Stewart.

He told the Observer newspaper: "During the first 'Hunger Games' we were out in Atlanta for six months.

"I was in a hotel, and all I had for company was a box set of 'Friends'."