Rose McGowan slams 'boring' acting

Rose McGowan slams 'boring' acting

Rose McGowan quit acting because it became "so boring" in front of the camera.

The former 'Charmed' star - who has given up being an actress to become a director - insists there are too many "tent pole" superhero films in the movie industry nowadays and has called for more "intelligent" and "complex" motion pictures.

In an Instagram post, she wrote: "Thoughts on the current state of tent pole films aka superheroes. I'd like to petition for other stories to be added to the slate. Where are the human stories? I don't want green goblins and tight outfits. I want intelligence, daring, work that drives society forward. I want a mirror, not every cliché regurgitated ad nauseum. From Scarface, to Lebowski, to M, to Anchor Man, to the sublime Carol, to Chinatown,to Sullivan's Travels-. Let's bring complexity back. Let's be the badasses we used to be. Open up the director's chair and it'll change. #hollywood #directing think of all the stories not on screen because women are blocked by the status quo. F**k the status quo. Honestly, it got so boring in front of the camera I had to quit. Boring often times egomaniacal tyrants not making art. Hmmm.. Why ever should that change? Add women. Change the conversation. Promote depth. (sic)"

The 42-year-old star commended director Todd Haynes for his work on romantic-drama movie 'Carol' - which tells the story of a female department store worker who falls for an older, married woman - praising him for "championing women" in the film.

She wrote: "PS thank you Todd Haynes for loving complex stories and championing women. It brings such instant depth to make a character female. Thank you for letting this complex woman see another complex woman's tale onscreen. I saw myself. A rare treat. (sic)"