Ralph Fiennes fear of disappointing

Ralph Fiennes fear of disappointing

Ralph Fiennes' biggest fear is "disappointing other people".

The 'Grand Budapest Hotel' actor admits he often worries he is "failing" when he is playing out a role, and gets particularly concerned about letting people down on a movie or theatre production.

When asked about his greatest fear, Ralph, who is currently starring in Henrik Ibsen play 'The Master Builder', replied: "Disappointing other people.

"Even when I'm doing something I love, like this play, it carries with it all the fear of failing.

"My area of vulnerability is not letting people down. And being disappointed if I have."

While the 53-year-old star worries about upsetting people, he has been told that he makes people "nervous" at times but insists he is the one who feels anxious.

He told Red magazine: "People think I am very aloof or withdrawn. And I can be withdrawn.

"I can put up a barrier if I want to. It has been reported to me that I make people nervous.

"I'm actually very nervous myself. But I have been guilty of, when people are talking, going off in a dream. I glaze over."