Michael B. Jordan: Fantastic Four is grittier

Michael B. Jordan: Fantastic Four is grittier

Michael B. Jordan thinks the 'Fantastic Four' reboot is "darker and grittier" than the original.

The 28-year-old actor - who plays The Human Torch in the new movie - says the remake was inspired by director Christopher Nolan's take on the Batman franchise by offering a truer reflection of the world.

Asked what makes it different, he said: "I think honestly it's the tone.

"People want to see Marvel films that are a little darker, a little grittier.

"Christopher Nolan's Batman films changed the way we looked at superhero films. It didn't have to be so light, it could be more of a reflection of the world we live in."

And his co-star, Miles Teller - who plays Mr. Fantastic - believes the film also portrays more honestly the "traumatising" effects of their new superpowers.

He told Shortlist magazine: "There's definitely some of the body-horror stuff. If you're a young guy and all of a sudden you're covered in this elastic form and you can't control it, that would be traumatising.

"What we're doing with this movie, it's more gritty and real - it's not just super-fun and flying around blowing stuff up. Although there is plenty of that too."