Melissa McCarthy on the need for less 'perfect' women in films

Melissa McCarthy on the need for less 'perfect' women in films

Melissa McCarthy would like to see more not so "perfect" women represented in films.

The 45-year-old actress has admitted she felt until more recently female parts in films were based on women who have flawless bodies and nothing wrong in their lives rather than those who are "strong and "heroic".

And so with her new movie 'Ghostbusters' - the reboot of the classic 1984 comedy - she said the aim was to show "real" women.

She said: "I think it's always incredibly powerful when we see, in films and in art, the women that we are surrounded by. I am surrounded by strong, flawed, funny, heroic, crazy, loving women. And I think, for so long, we weren't showing real women.

"We were showing perfect women -- they wore the perfect thing, they never got upset. I don't know any of those women. I know women and men that are every colour and mood and emotion. Don't be surprised when you see interesting, multi-dimensional women. That's the goal. We're not supposed to be perfect; we are supposed to be real."

And the movie's director Paul Feig agreed, he told TODAY online: "I think ladies make really good ghostbusters. They are able to think on their feet, very nimble out there, able to do the action, able to fight, but also to be smart and use psychology to get around them."

However, the 'Bridesmaids' star previously admitted she is a "perfectionist".

She said: "Hopefully I am good at being a boss. I think I expect a lot from people but I also have a lot of amazing people around me that are always surprising me and always pushing my expectations. I think we all push each other pretty hard.

"I think I am lucky enough to be surrounded by people that aren't like, 'Oh, that's good enough'. None of us think that way. Whether it be in my clothing line, or if I am writing or even if I am acting something, I have a constant need to re-evaluate. I am always a fiddler and I keep thinking 'I like this, could I love it?' I can't stop picking at it."