Magic Mike XXL is all about 'kindness'

Magic Mike XXL is all about 'kindness'

'Magic Mike XXL' is a movie centered on "kindness".

Director Greg Jacobs - who helmed the stripper movie starring Channing Tatum and Jada Pinkett Smith - has claimed that the popularity of the franchise can be attributed to its "self deprecating" and "relatable" characters.

Reflecting on the plotline of the new movie, Greg said: "For me, and for us, I feel like we wanted there to be a humanity, and to have this aspect of friendship and kindness to be something that came across. I don't know. I hope that's what makes it relatable.

"The movies didn't pitch themselves so seriously, and there's an element of being self-deprecating. Even though the guys look how they do, they're very relatable, in a way."

The director is particularly enthusiastic about the performance of Channing Tatum.

He told Collider: "Channing is such a movie star and he's so relatable, and he genuinely is a great guy. I think who he is, as a person, really comes across, on screen.

"Even in the first one, the dancing is amazing, but especially in the first one, it's really that Chan's performance is so strong and so captivating."