Lea Seydoux's awkward Bond love scene

Lea Seydoux's awkward Bond love scene

Lea Seydoux says her steamy 'SPECTRE' scene with Daniel Craig was "awkward".

Although the 30-year-old actress - who psychologist Dr Madeleine Swann in the new Bond movie - loved working with Daniel, she admitted that she always finds love scenes embarrassing.

She told The Sun newspaper: "It's OK. I mean, it was fun after. It's always awkward, you know. It's surreal.

"We both did some screen tests a few years ago for 'The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo'.

"I think I kissed him, but I don't remember. It was so awkward and I was so frightened."

Meanwhile, Lea previously insisted that her character is not a typical Bond girl,

Although she has nothing against the "cliché" Bond babes of the past she insisted her casting and the role she plays prove the spy franchise has moved on.

Lea explained: "I don't mind the cliché of the Bond girl. But Madeleine, she is very different. And to choose me as a Bond girl, it's a choice. A statement. I'm not the typical James Bond girl."

Seydoux stars in 'SPECTRE' with Daniel - who is reprising his role as Bond for a fourth time - Monica Bellucci, Christoph Waltz and Ralph Fiennes.