Kate Winslet reveals Steve Jobs movie fears

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Kate Winslet reveals Steve Jobs movie fears

Kate Winslet was paranoid about fluffing her lines while making 'Steve Jobs'.

The 40-year-old actress - who stars as Joanna Hoffman, a member of the original Mac team, in the new Danny Boyle-directed movie - has revealed she became anxious during shooting because of the lengthy nature of the script.

Kate shared: "When I first read it I looked at page one and page two and thought, 'God these people talk for a long time. Oh God they're still talking... page 55 and they're still talking. How the f**k are we going to get through this one?'"

The actress stars alongside Michael Fassbender in the movie and admitted she was determined to not forget her lines.

She said: "Much is being made about the length of the script and how much there was to learn but you're an actor, you learn your f**king lines and that's the first thing you do, you just get on with it.

"The pressure really is in not forgetting the words, that really is it because you f**k everybody up if you drop a word. The whole thing melts into utter dogs**t, it really does."