Jon Favreau's movie fears

Jon Favreau's movie fears

Jon Favreau has sleepless nights when his films are about to be released.

The 'Jungle Book' filmmaker is always worried about sharing his creations with the world and all he wants is for people to enjoy his work.

He said: "The sleepless nights come at this time [of release] because you're realising the thing that has been an intimate experience for you and the people you're working with is now being shared with the world and millions of people are going to see it. You hope they appreciate the work that you did. I hope everybody enjoys it - and that whatever you're expecting I hope it's better than what you anticipate."

Among Jon's directing credits are 'Elf', 'Iron Man', 'Iron Man 2',and 'Cowboys & Aliens', and he admits his ideas come to him when he least expects them.

He told BANG Showbiz: "He said: "I always keep a notepad beside the bed or your iPhone and scribble down some notes or cool ideas, because sometimes the best ideas come to you in the shower, when you're having a dream."