JJ Abrams admits he can't believe they were allowed shoot Star Wars on Skellig Michael

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The stunning Skellig Michael
The stunning Skellig Michael

Star Wars: The Force Awakens director JJ Abrams admits he can't believe he was allowed shoot the sci-fi blockbuster on the stunning Irish island

In a video posted online by Tourism Ireland showing behind-the-scenes footage of the shoot on the famous and historic island off the Kerry coast.

The finl scenes of the hit film were shot there in 2014 and the UNESCO site stunned the film makers.

J.J. Abrams remembers the excitement: “I can’t believe they let us shoot there. I mean, it was so beautiful.”

Martin Joy, the Supervising Location Manager of the film adds:

“We were just blown away by it. It’s an extraordinary place. It certainly fed into our Star Wars universe.”

Check out the full behind the scenes clip here.