Jeremy Irons: Social media shouldn't influence casting

Jeremy Irons: Social media shouldn't influence casting

Jeremy Irons thinks it is "absolute madness" that castings are being made based on social media popularity.

The 67-year-old thespian is maddened by the fact someone's popularity on Twitter could influence a director's decision on who is right for the role and is adamant it should be based on talent alone.

Speaking to The Daily Telegraph newspaper, he said: "I don't think actors, entertainers, deserve the amount of attention they get.

"But it's the way of the world. People love to know about them. That's life. I've always been aware that I don't warrant the coverage that I get.

"You know what they're doing now? If there are two young men who are up for a role and one has 1,000 Twitter followers and one has 100,000, the one with 100,000 will get the role. I just think it's madness. Absolute madness."

The 'Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice' star would be happy going unnoticed in the public eye but admitted that it might cause his career to crumble.

He said: "I'd probably not get employed, that's the trouble."