Jane Fonda speaks out on gender equality

Jane Fonda speaks out on gender equality

Jane Fonda thinks it's important women are more strongly represented in cinema.

The 77-year-old actress says the movie industry performs an important cultural role and claims the business is currently missing "the narrative of half of the world's population".

She told Vulture: "It's important because women view things differently, whether it's a relationship or the entire global situation.

"If the narratives only come from men, we're missing the narrative of half of the world's population!"

Jane said the lack of a female voice in the movie business has broader implications.

The 'Barbarella' actress said: "Movies are what create our consciousness, so we're being harmed - not just women, but men, too.

"If you don't get the narrative of the other half, you're going to be diminished because of it."

Earlier this year, Jane - who is a long-time advocate of gender equality - gave her own definition of feminism.

She said: "Feminism doesn't mean that you're against men or that you're some angry bra-burner.

"Feminism is nothing less than saying I want to be a whole human being with equal rights and equal opportunities."