James Cameron can't act

James Cameron can't act

James Cameron can't "act and dance", according to Jamie Lee Curtis.

The 57-year-old actress - who joined forces with the 61-year-old film director on the 1994 action thriller 'True Lies' - has admitted the creative mastermind is a "very talented man", although his skills lie off camera, as she has revealed he can't act or dance.

Speaking about the Canadian screenwriter to Variety.com, Jamie said: "I will tell you this: Jim Cameron is a very talented man.

"He can do every job on a movie better than any crew person ever could do. There's one thing that he cannot do, and that's act and dance."

Meanwhile, the 'Freaky Friday' star - who found fame in 'Halloween' when she was 19 - thinks Hollywood is "a very cruel business".

Speaking previously, she said: "It's a very cruel business. It's humiliating to see the media frenzy that occurs when somebody gets older and they don't look the way they used to look. I want to make sure I leave on my own terms. I don't want to be punished for the natural evolution of the human being."

And Jamie has never embraced being a celebrity like her late father Tony Curtis.

She explained: "He used to walk into a restaurant and preen and pose. The public attention was very important; I don't need it. I'm recognisable, sure. But I have a quiet life."

And the actress claims she thought her career was winding down when Ryan Murphy offered her a starring role in 'Scream Queens'.

She added: "I'm comfortable stepping away from Hollywood when I need too. I was just hanging out with my posse of menopause mamas. He offered me the role, and it sounded crazy and amazing. I left our meeting going, 'Wow.' "