Henry Cavill backs Ben Affleck as Batman

Henry Cavill backs Ben Affleck as Batman

Henry Cavill thinks Ben Affleck has done "an absolutely fantastic job" as Batman.

The decision to cast the 43-year-old star in the iconic role was roundly criticised when the news was first announced, but Henry - who appears opposite Ben in 'Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice' - has revealed he's brought something entirely fresh to one of the most coveted parts in Hollywood.

He said: "It's funny because no matter who gets announced, people always throw their hands up in the air and complain, that's just the nature of it.

"But Ben has done an absolutely fantastic job. He's brought something to Batman that no one else has brought before."

Meanwhile, Henry revealed that he and Ben became competitive when it came to preparing for their respective roles.

Talking about their gym regimes, Henry told Total Film magazine: "We were training with different people, so there was no direct comparison. But there's always going to be competition between two men if they want to be superheroes.

"It's a matter of making that a nice healthy bit of competition as opposed to negative competition."