George Clooney wears same clothes daily

George Clooney wears same clothes daily

George Clooney wore the same attire every day on the set of 'Money Monster', according to Jodie Foster.

The 53-year-old star directs the new crime thriller and has given a behind-the-scenes glimpse into life on set with George, admitting the Hollywood hunk - who is known for his love of pranking his co-stars - would dress very casually from day to day.

Jodie said: "This was a tough movie and he had a lot of dialogue squeezed into one time frame, so there wasn't the time for pranking. But George is great.

"One of the things I love about him most is, he wears the same T-shirt and the same jeans pretty much every day."

But Jodie admitted George undergoes a remarkable transformation by the time he needs to promote the movie.

She said: "He has like 10 of the same things, and is always on time. He's a work bee. But then I'll see him at a junket with those eyes and he looks fabulous."

The actress-turned-director also worked with Julia Roberts on the new movie and said she relished the experience.

She shared: "She's so extraordinary. I'm in awe of her, I have to say. It does make it a little bit hard to work with her because I have to get over the fact that I'm sitting in front of Julia Roberts.

"Her stuff goes very fast but she's incredibly prepared. I feel so lucky that she landed on our doorstep. I only got her for eight days, yet she is on screen for the whole film."

'Money Monster' centres on financial corruption on Wall Street and Jodie admitted she loved directing a movie that deals with wrongdoing in the corporate world.

Jodie told Total Film magazine: "There are so many reasons I love the film. The backdrop of the finance world and the world of the media with little hints of satire are nice, but the real reason I get involved in movies is the characters and the issue they have that somehow I am trying to work out in my own life."