Gemma Arterton drawn to taboo plot of The Escape

Gemma Arterton drawn to taboo plot of The Escape

Gemma Arterton was fascinated by her character in 'The Escape' because she is a mother who walks out on her kids.

The 30-year-old actress will portray a character named Tara in the upcoming drama, a woman who "walks out" on her family - comprised of two children and her businessman husband played by Dominic Cooper - because she "feels trapped" and unfulfilled by family life.

When Gemma read the script she knew straight away it would be an interesting part to play because Tara's actions are deemed to be unacceptable by many in society.

Speaking to the Daily Mail newspaper, the brunette beauty said of her character: "[Tara is] a creative person, but she's got absolutely no outlet for her creativity - and what that means is that Tara feels trapped - though she's not.

"This is about a woman who walks out on her family - which isn't usually the term that's used. Usually the word is 'abandoned'.

"'Abandoned by my mother' is such a strong term - and I think it's because of this idea of 'How could they possibly do that?' Because women should feel: that's why we exist. And I don't think that's the case."

Shooting the escape has made Gemma - who divorced from Stefano Catelli in 2015 after five years of marriage - think twice about having children of her own.

She added: "It makes you think of your own life. I've always wanted to have children, [but now I think] 'Oh my God ... do I?' "

Gemma has also been serving as a producer on the project, making 'The Escape' her producing debut.

The movie is being directed by Dominic Savage, and filming wrapped recently.

Speaking about the content of the movie, Gemma said previously: "'The Escape' will be an exploration of marriage and motherhood. It is frank, honest and unapologetically from the woman's point of view. It will be extremely personal. I look forward to embarking on it, surrounded by people I trust and who understand the intention, and to digging deep and finding truth."