Emma Stone relates to La La Land character's feelings of rejection

Emma Stone relates to La La Land character's feelings of rejection

Emma Stone can relate to her 'La La Land' character's experience of "rejection".

The 27-year-old actress plays the part of Mia, an aspiring actress and playwright, in the Damien Chapelle-directed movie - alongside Ryan Gosling - and can relate to the traumatic experience of being turned down for movie roles in auctions.

In an interview with Backstage magazine, she said: "Obviously, I relate to Mia in quite a few ways. Auditioning, that kind of rejection, I went through three years of that - not six (like Mia), but I knew that world and what that felt like."

The 'Crazy, Stupid Love' star doesn't understand why filmmakers choose auditioning to pick their cast because she feels once you start shooting a film it's a very "different" job.

She added: "Auditioning is the difference between being a good test-taker and being a good student. You could be a great student who, under pressure, is gonna fail on the test. I don't know how people can (cast) from auditions - it feels so different once you're actually on a set than it did in the audition."

The flame-haired beauty previously admitted she relished the role because she felt able to identify with her on-screen character.

She said: "I definitely understood the feeling of moving to Los Angeles and having a dream to be an actor in films and to get to be a part of things that I loved and inspire people in some way.

"It's pretty insane that we're talking about this movie and it's something that I'm so proud and excited to be a part of, when that is the goal of the character, is to be a part of something like this."