Disney's £3m Star Wars security spend

Disney's £3m Star Wars security spend

Disney is spending £3 million hiring 600 guards and a squadron of drones to prevent 'Star Wars: Episode VIII' secrets being leaked.

The film studio is so desperate to ensure details of the upcoming motion picture are kept undisclosed following the success of 'Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens' they are enlisting drones to target "invading" cameras.

A source told The Sun newspaper: "A special team with drones will remove any invading drone cameras trying to film what's happening. Keeping it all a surprise for fans is a huge priority.

"The secrets of 'The Force Awakens' were successfully kept under wraps and, after its unprecedented success, Disney are taking no chances on the next instalment."

The security measures are set to be carried out in Dubrovnik, Croatia, where part of the movie is being shot.

Despite this, the working title of 'Stars Wars: Episode VIII' appears to have been revealed by Carrie Fisher.

The actress - who will reprise her role as Leia in the film - tweeted a picture of her dog Gary Fisher sat on a 'Star Wars' chair which had the name Space Bear written on it.

Following the tweet, fans have been speculating that this is the working title for the movie.

Filming on 'Star Wars: Episode VIII', which is to be released next year, is to start at Pinewood, south east England, before heading to the eastern European country.