Daniel Craig 'terrified' after knee injury

Daniel Craig 'terrified' after knee injury

Daniel Craig was "terrified" when he injured his knee on the set of 'SPECTRE'.

The James Bond star was filming a particularly physical fight scene on top of a train when he hurt his knee and admits it made him "slow down" a bit from then on.

He said: "Sadly, the scene isn't in the film. I wish it was but I had to stop halfway through because I did my knee in and I was like 'Woah!' I had to have a little surgery. It was a terrifying moment when I thought they were going to have to shut down while I had it. We were right into it by that point. So I had to protect myself a bit more.

"It slowed me down a bit, but it didn't stop me doing what I wanted to do. But, you know, it's movie-making. You fake it as best you can and they've done an amazing job - most of it is real, there is a little CGI."

The 47-year-old actor also believes the "forced break" had its benefits too as it allowed the director Sam Mendes to start editing the footage as well as giving his co-stars a break.

He added to The Sun newspaper: "The enforced break allowed Sam to get in the editing room and look at the movie, which he wouldn't normally do. So I like to think of it as a deliberate trick on my behalf to give everyone a break."