Channing Tatum: I get 'super fat' between movies

Channing Tatum: I get 'super fat' between movies

Channing Tatum has to work "extra hard" in the gym between filming because he gets "super fat".

The 'Magic Mike XXL' star - who plays a stripper in the film based on his own life experience - confessed to eating cookies, cheeseburgers and beer on his days off and listening to George Michael before going on stage.

Asked how he keeps in shape and prepares for the racy dance routines, he said: "It really depends on how fat you got in between. I get super fat between parts so I have to work extra hard."

When asked who in the film is the best at maintaining a buff body, he said: "[Joe Manganiello]; he's probably the person who gets closest to holding it all year round."

Interrupting his 35-year-old co-star, Joe informed him: "That's what you get for being a werewolf for five years [in True Blood]. You never know when they're going to say 'Get your clothes off!' Gym three times a day, protein, protein, protein. If you like steak you're fine."

In the interview with Total Film magazine, Channing replied: "I like steak but I also like other things. Cookies, cheeseburgers, beer ... Before I go on stage I listen to George Michael. That's what I did the first time, and that's what I did this time."