'Brave' Leonardo DiCaprio

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'Brave' Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio is incredibly "brave", according to the director of 'The Revenant'.

Filmmaker Alejandro González Iñárritu has revealed the 41-year-old actor took no convincing when it came to the more gruelling scenes for the adventure film and admits he even had to stop him from going too far at some points.

He said: "I have never had such an easy relationship with somebody. He couldn't be more brave or more collaborative, and even encouraged me to do more things. I didn't have to convince him at all. I even had to prevent him sometimes."

And whilst Alejandro enjoyed filming for the movie, he admits it was "super-challenging" every step of the way.

He told The Observer newspaper: "What I'm saying is, every step was super-challenging, it was stressful, the standards I set the film to were absolutely high. When that stress is not for you, I respect that. The ones who stayed, which is 99.9%, we hold a friendship and camaraderie.

"Were we laughing all day? No! We were working like hell to make it happen! It was like Shackleton, when he went to the pole, he said [to his companions], 'You probably will not return.' [I said:] 'These are gonna be the conditions, this is how we're gonna shoot it.'"