Ann Coulter thought Sharknado was a vacuum cleaner

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Ann Coulter thought Sharknado was a vacuum cleaner

Ann Coulter thought 'Sharknado' was a "late-night infomercial for a new vacuum cleaner".

The 53-year-old actress, who stars in the disaster film franchise, has revealed that when she first heard it mentioned, she had no idea what it was.

Ann shared: "The first time I heard 'Sharknado' I thought it was a late-night infomercial for a new vacuum cleaner.

"Could have swore I ordered one once. Then I found out what it was and remembered that I grew up reading the Sharknado novels."

Ann stars in the latest instalment in the franchise, 'Sharknado 3', and has admitted her character meets a fairly predictable end.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, she joked: "I die of natural causes. Ahem, hello? The movie is called 'Sharknado'. How do you think I die?"

Meanwhile, Ann joked that she's spent years proving her acting credentials in some unusual contexts.

She shared: "I've been acting for years. I always act surprised when [US senator] Marco Rubio says something stupid. My greatest acting performance was pretending to enjoy the movie 'Selma'."

And asked whether she thinks she's a good actress, Ann quipped: "I think I'm as good an actor as Lena Dunham, so no."