Alien: Paradise Lost to be followed by another sequel

Alien: Paradise Lost to be followed by another sequel

'Alien: Paradise Lost' will be followed by another sequel.

Ridley Scott - who is returning to the iconic sci-fi franchise for the new movie - has revealed 'Prometheus 2' will start filming in the new year, and is set to answer some long-held questions about the series.

He told IGN: "'Prometheus 2' will start getting shot in February and I've already begun now so I know what the script is.

"Then there will be another one after that and then maybe we'll back into 'Alien 1', as to why? Who would make such a dreadful thing?"

Meanwhile, Ridley recently admitted the new movie has been called 'Alien: Paradise Lost' because it sounds "intellectual".

He said: "It's going to be 'Alien: Paradise Lost', so 'Prometheus 2' is not really going to be [what it's called].

"It's a book, 'Paradise Lost' ... it sounds intellectual, there's a similarity to it, but that's where it stops."

Ridley also explained how the new movie will fit into the context of the franchise.

He said: "We'll go back to how, why and when the beast was invented. We'll go into the backdoor of the first 'Alien' I did 30 years ago."