Adeel Akhtar hopes Convenience will inspire filmmakers

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Adeel Akhtar hopes Convenience will inspire filmmakers

Adeel Akhtar hopes 'Convenience' will inspire would-be filmmakers.

The 35-year-old actor appears alongside the likes of Ray Panthaki, Verne Troyer and Vicky McClure in the new comedy movie, and thinks it's proof that good cinema needn't always command a big budget.

Speaking to BANG Showbiz at the movie's London premiere at Curzon Soho, Adeel shared: "Vicky is amazing, she's in character all the time and buzzing on all levels. And Ray was an incredible director and has been working really really hard for it.

"But I love his style, it shows that, you know it's an £80,000 budget and it feels good that you can get a film like this off the ground."

Adeel - who also starred in the comedy movie 'Four Lions' in 2010 - said he feels reassured by working on independent film projects, and hopes it will inspire a new generation of moviemakers.

He explained: "It makes you feel good that that's what happens and it hopefully makes other people feel it's doable - that you can pick up a camera and get things going."

'Convenience' is in cinemas October 2 and On Demand/DVD October 5.