Honda’s RC little number

TASTY: The Honda RC
TASTY: The Honda RC

IF exclusive bikes are your thing and money’s no object, then this could be your cup of tea.

Honda has finally revealed the ultra-high cost, limited edition, road-going version of the RC213V MotoGP bike.

But the RC213V-S is expected to cost in the region of €190,000, so unless you’ve won the lotto or inherited a shed-load of money, it’ll remain the stuff of dreams. Honda’s press release about the new machine, which can be ordered from July 13, reads:

“The new RC213V-S is not merely the result of a feedback of technologies created by Honda through its competition in races into a commercially available model, but rather represents a wholly new endeavour to make it possible for a machine developed for competition in MotoGP races to run on public roads.”

The 999cc V4 keeps as close to the racing machines as possible. Honda set out at the very beginning of this project to make a bike as close to the racing bike – yet road legal – as legislation would allow.

“The RC213V-S has been developed according to this Honda principle, making it possible for the RC213V, which has won MotoGP championships for two seasons in a row in 2013 and 2014, to run on public roads. The RC213V-S has inherited the specifications of the RC213V to thoroughly ensure mass concen-

tration and reduced friction, as well as all key aspects in manufacturing that set the RC213V apart as a MotoGP machine from ordinary mass production models, with overwhelming differences which involve light weight and precise machining of the components.”

If you are minted and want to order one, or are just curious about it, see www.rc213v-s.com