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Flipping awesome; E1 is the ultimate do-it-all motorbike helmet

I reckon I’ve found the perfect do-it-all lid
I reckon I’ve found the perfect do-it-all lid

A MOTORCYCLE helmet is a very personal thing

It’s arguably the most important part of your biking apparel, where size, fit, safety and functionality are supremely important.

Then there’s adaptability. Given our climate’s habit of delivering four seasons in one day, what most of us are looking for is the love child of a motorbike helmet and a Transformer.

I once rented a Honda Varadero 1000 while on holiday in Cyprus.

I had a good look over the bike before taking it and, to be fair, it was in good condition. Then I was handed two ‘helmets’ for me and my pillion…

Against my better judgment, I accepted the cheap, battered, ill-fitting lids before setting off.

The rental company had supplied me with a map that conveniently ignored the Turkish-occupied side of the island.

So there we were, riding along when, to our surprise, we were confronted by bollards, observation towers and a Turkish soldier pointing his rifle at us as we hurtled towards the ‘border’.

Half an hour later, over a nerve-settling beer, we counted our lucky stars we hadn’t been shot. But it wasn’t the nervous Turkish army conscript that was occupying my mind, it was the sub-standard helmets.

Call me an anorak, but I love a good lid. Which brings me to the latest addition to my bike gear collection, Schuberth’s E1 

I’ve always been dubious about flip helmets, but in the E1, I reckon I’ve found the perfect do-it-all lid.

Based on the C3 Pro flip-front helmet, the E1 brings more adventure to the party, with a detachable three-way adjustable peak that slides back when the chin-bar is lifted, a wide field of vision and increased airflow thanks to the large ventilation vent at the front.

Schuberth’s built-in sun visor is another welcome feature, combining with the peak to deal with glare no matter what angle the sun is eyeing you from.

I’ve found the German brand’s helmets to be among the quietest and the E1 is no different. Despite the fact it’s a flip helmet and has generous air vents, I’ve only had to use ear-plugs on long spins and such is the snug fit that even with the chin-bar up, the urban din is kept to a minimum.

Textile technology is used well, with the removable and washable Coolmax liner delivering a soft touch.

Removing the visor, which comes with a pinlock as standard, is a doddle. Simply half-turn the two retaining knobs, and Bob’s your uncle. And adjusting the peak is just as simple.

The E1 also features Schuberth’s anti roll-off chinstrap system and is prepped for the company’s Bluetooth system.

This is the ultimate do-it-all helmet. Track day? Simply remove the adventure peak and away you go. Stuck in traffic in hot weather? Flip up to make it an open-face. Sun in your eyes? Slide down the sun visor.

I’ll be doing 1,000 kilometres this weekend, so I’ll give a full report in a few weeks.

The Schuberth E1 (from €639 for plain graphics), and the entire Schuberth range, is available from Megabikes on Dublin’s Wexford Street and Schuberth stockists nationwide.