Magazine+ talks ass-grabbing, babies and hygiene with 2FM stars

The Breakfast Republic presenters get... ahem... grilled by Daragh Keany
The Breakfast Republic presenters get... ahem... grilled by Daragh Keany

There’s plenty for everyone in this week’s Sunday World Magazine+, with all the usual great features and some cracking interviews, too.

Daragh Keany gatecrashes 2FM’s Breakfast Republic show to grill (well, it is breakfast time) co-hosts Jennifer Maguire, Bernard O’Shea and Keith Walsh – and ends up talking babies, ass-grabbing and hygiene.

Here’s a selection of choice quotes from the witty trio…

“Hozier said he gets nervous when people grab his ass – I love it, women, men, whoever.” – Jennifer Maguire

“I was thinking of writing a book called What to Expect When You Are Not the One Expecting.” – Bernard O’Shea

“We tend to keep Bernard out of the loop as much as possible.” – Keith Walsh

Trying to piece it all together? To get the context you’ll just have to read the full interview on Sunday – it could have you moving the dial, to use a term ‘the kids’ might not understand, next week.

Jennifer Maguire

Elsewhere in Magazine+, Sarah Delamere Hurding tells us if love is in the air for us this summer. Obviously, depending on your star sign, it differs across the board – summer lovin’ is a nailed-on sure thing for some, while others will have to watch out for signs from their possible love interests to get the fires burning.

But apparently some ‘Venus action’ means an upturn in flirtations and affairs in work – so you might want to read up on the advice given by our expert.

‘Moone Boy’ David Rawle talks to Esther McCarthy about his blossoming acting career, as well as the time the starstruck teen attended the Oscars and tried to get a selfie with Bradley Cooper – but instead snapped just the back of his head. Fail!

David Rawle in 'Moone Boy'

Our resident ‘Memory Man’ Jimmy Magee turns his recollections away from sport this week to recall the route his parents endured with him as a baby 77 years ago on their return to Ireland – but this time he retraces it on the luxurious liner Queen Mary 2.

“It is the moment I have dreamed about my entire life,” says the legendary sports journalist.

Jimmy Magee on the trip to New York to retrace his childhood journey

In our Ask the Experts section there is queries about children’s health, with more adult-related issues covered in Doctor Maura and Doctor Angela’s columns

Everything from the embarrassment of being caught in a sex act by your father-in-law to a young woman who had sex with her former teacher – but was less than impressed with his clumsy efforts.

It’s a great read, so make sure to bag your copy early.