Irish babe Emma goes blonde just like Kim K

Emma Waldron
Emma Waldron

FORMER Miss Ireland Emma Waldron has done a ‘Kim Kardashian’ and gone peroxide blonde.

Kim stunned fans around the world by ditching her famous black tresses in favour of a startling new blonde look.

And Emma has also coincidentally gone for a similar colour – in fact, beating Kim to the race in going blonde.

The Kildare model – who won Miss Ireland five years ago – is now living in New York.

“I was a brunette, but when I moved here my agent said blonde would suit me so I went to this gorgeous salon in the East Village called Andreas Anastasis and Lisa Jillian transformed me,” she tells the Sunday World.

“I started it two months ago and it was a gradual process to try to save my hair! So we did highlights and continued on until the way it is now, whereas Kim bleached the whole thing.”

As for Kim’s new look, she remarks: “Kim’s hair is cool. It’s edgy and different. Style is such a subjective personal expression of self.

Emma's old hair

“I’d never say I didn’t like someone’s style because it’s like art. If that’s how they are feeling and they want to express themselves at that time then good for them.”

Emma, who’s single since her split from long-term boyfriend Manners Oshafi, is loving life in the Big Apple.

“I’ve been doing really well lately, I’m back two months in the U.S. now,” she raves.

“It feels like a lot longer! 

“I worked NY fashion week. I worked in the Curvexpo, which happens twice a year and is the biggest lingerie expo in the country. 

“I also worked with the legendary casting director Drew Linehan [who actually has Irish roots].

“He’s cast for America’s Next Top Model and Sex and the City... to name but a few. He’s also a really kind and wonderful person.

“I travelled to Philadelphia to play traditional Irish music in Tír na nóg, a famous bar there. I’ve been having a great time!”