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Tinder to trial website version of popular dating app

Tinder to trial website version of popular dating app

Dating app Tinder is trialling a website version of its service which would enable users to search for a partner on any device, including their desktop computer, for the first time.

Tinder Online has been created to help those users in parts of the world where mobile data is less readily available or more expensive to use, Tinder says, as well as being aimed at those restricted by storage space on their phone.

The dating app launched four years ago - asking users to swipe right on those they liked and left on those they did not - and is estimated to have more than 50 million users who collectively make more one billion of the app's famous swipes every day.

"Let's face it: not all places on earth have 4G," Tinder said in a blog post announcing the trial.

"Some people can't get bundled services, while others don't have enough memory to support Tinder on their mobile phones.

"For all those who've ever been stuck in a lecture hall or had to endure an eight-hour workday without access to Tinder - this is for you."

The dating app confirmed it was currently testing Tinder Online in a "handful" of countries, including Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Indonesia, Italy, Mexico, the Philippines and Sweden.

It has not specified if and when the service could be extended to other parts of the world.

"It's all part of our ongoing effort to make Tinder more accessible to the global community," the tech firm said.