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Video: Man who made Snake for Nokia is producing a new version for smartphones

The new-look Snake
The new-look Snake

The first, and some would say greatest, mobile phone game is on its way back, this time on smartphones

Snake, which first crashed into our lives when Nokia released the 6110 in 1997, is about to make a comeback.

The man who designed it, Taneli Armanto, has hooked up with Finnish game studio Rumilus Design to make a new version of the game for smartphones.

Called Snake Rewind it will have, of course, much better graphics than the classic, monchrome original.

But the new features don't end there.

The new game wil feature power-ups, in-app purchases and the ability to rewind your 'snake' if a game has gone wrong.

Played across 10 different levels, including one that will resemble the classic monochrome Nokia screen, the game is due for release, for free, on Android, iOS and Windows on May 14.