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LOTR actioner bags ‘Game of the Year’ title at industry conference

LOTR actioner bags ‘Game of the Year’ title at industry conference

They say if you don’t move forward, you move backward. Well this has always been the case in technology and, indeed, gaming.

And this week saw the 2015 Game Developers’ Conference (GDC) take place in San Francisco with some huge announcements in terms of new tech and titles coming to the industry.

The event is the world’s largest and longest-running professionals-only game industry event. The GDC attracts more than 24,000 attendees and is the number one forum for programmers, artists, producers, designers, business decision-makers and others involved in the development of interactive games to gather and exchange ideas and shape the future of the industry.

One of the big winners from the week was Shadow of Mordor – the Lord of the Rings-based action RPG by Monolith Productions. The title picked up the Game Developers Choice Award ‘Game of the Year’ – which is seen as hugely prestigious given that it is voted on by the industry itself.

Also at GDC, Microsoft confirmed that it has 30 titles coming from the [email protected] indie game initiative. According to the company, more than 1,000 studios have expressed an interest in the program and are currently developing titles with [email protected]  dev kits. 

Titles on display included Cuphead, from Studio MDHR, a fast-paced game with a ’30s look; and Earthlock: Festival of Magic, from Snowcastle Games, a non-linear RPG.

Meanwhile, Sony unveiled its new prototype virtual reality headset, Project Morpheus. 

The product was initially revealed at GDC last year but there hasn’t been too much in the way of information coming from Sony in the meantime.

The company has reportedly been working – far from prying eyes – to get the product ready for market. As such, the latest version features an OLED display that runs at a resolution of “1920 by RGB by 1080”. 

A 120Hz refresh rate will allow it to deliver incredibly smooth videos, according to Sony.

Another big revelation from GDC was what appears to be the ultimate design of the Steam Controller. 

The device has been modified and refined over the past 12 months or so but a mock-up appeared on the side of the Vale booth.

“Play all your Steam games from the comfort of your couch,” the picture states.

“Enjoy high-precision, dual trackpad input combined with low-latency wireless performance,” it adds.

Elsewhere, during Unreal’s keynote address, NVIDIA joined the talk to reveal its Titan X graphics card.

VIDIA co-founder Jen-Hsun Huang walked on stage and showed the graphics card to the crowd, along with announcing its 12GB framebuffer and eight billion transistors.