Free Pub Spy's Euro Songbook

Free Pub Spy's Euro Songbook

In this week's Sunday World, don't miss your free 32-page Pub Spy's Euro Songbook. They're the songs we love to sing - with words we struggle to remember!

On Monday the Boys in Green will begin their latest big tournament adventure on the green fields of France. And here in the Sunday World we know the best way to celebrate is with a singalong. So we turned to the best man to get the session started - our very own Pub Spy - to put together a unique book of Irish soccer songs and some of the nation's best-loved party favourites. Including Joxer goes to Stuttgart, The Fields of Athenry, Give it a lash Jack, and many many more. 

Plus get the lyrics to 'Je Suis Irlandaise' Euro 2016 Sunday World Song. Performed by four-piece Irish music group Na Fianna 'Je Suis Irlandaise' is an unofficial charity song released ahead of the Euro 2016. All of the proceeds from the sale of this catchy track will go towards sending the Irish Homeless Street League Team to the Homeless World Cup. Na Fianna aim to raise €10,000 for the charity. Colin Farrell, ambassador for the Irish Homeless Street League said, "It is about giving a sense of purpose, inclusion and community through football."

To download for the track CLICK HERE  To view the video CLICK HERE

Get your FREE copy of Pub Spy's Euro Songbook in this week's Sunday World.