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You won't believe what is leading a new poll into Ireland's favourite pizza topping

This type of pizza may be gaining in popularity
This type of pizza may be gaining in popularity

Milano's are asking customers to create a new pizza for their restaurants and the most popular topping selected so far is spinach. Yes, spinach.

To celebrate 20 years in business the pizza chain are asking people to make up a new pizza for their autumn menu (try it here) and they have just published the toppings that have featured most often in the pizzas submitted so far.

Surprisingly, the decidedly heatlthy option of spinach is top of the list, beating old favourites like mozzarella (4) and olives (6) to the top spot.

In fact only one meat, chorizo, in eighth, makes the top 10, perhaps signalling that the days of the meat feast are finally over.

However, people haven't gone completely crazy as other green options, such as mushy peas and brussels sprouts are last on the list of options chosen.

Here is the top 10

The Milano Top Ten Poll Toppers:
1.       Spinach
2.       Mozzarella
3.       Caramalised onions
4.       Buffalo mozzarella
5.       Rocket
6.       Black olives
7.       Goat’s cheese
8.       Chorizo
9.       Sliced red onions
10.     Cheddar