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Windsor gets a royal seal of approval

Windsor Bar, Co Louth
Windsor Bar, Co Louth

The Windsor Bar, Dundalk, Co. Louth

WE were less than an hour from home this past week when Pub Spy and his team of crack Commandos paid a visit to The Windsor Bar in Dundalk.

Dundalk has always been a favourite destination for the troops and the Young Commando is no stranger to nightlife in the area, although we assured him there’d be no nightclubbing on this occasion.

Our designated driver managed to locate a good parking spot just 50m from the front door of The Windsor Bar and once he was finished feeding the parking meter, we all walked back together.

There are three entrances to this pub, but we went in via the sidestreet to the front bar, which was enjoying a roaring trade.

There were very few tables and chairs available, but most of the stools at the counter were free so we made ourselves comfortable at the bar.

There were easily five to six staff members working when we called, but our barmaid’s name was Sharon and we couldn’t have asked for better. She was extremely friendly and spoke to each of the troops as if we were regulars.

While we waited on our drinks, two other barmen approached us to see if we were being taken care of and we were very impressed with their attitude and approach to their customers.

None of the customers were forced to stand waiting for their drinks, as the bar staff insisted on dropping over all the drinks to the customers’ tables. The Old Commando commented about how noticeable it was the  staff really took care of their customers.

“That’s as fine a service as I’ve come across and I don’t just mean this year. The staff here deserve 10 out 10, no question about it. Every one of them are so friendly and helpful,” he said.

The pints of stout cost €4.30 and we couldn’t fault them in the slightest. They went down a treat and the staff were just as friendly when the Old Commando called for round two. There was a mixed clientele in this pub and if we had to guess we would say it was 60/40 in the women’s favour. That’s something Pub Spy will never complain about!

They serve food in this pub also and we also noticed that they were taking a lot of calls from people ringing for reservations. We only wished we had time to try some.

If you’re under 21 then this pub won’t be for you, as there is a sign stating no alcohol will be served to punters below that age. They also have a sign saying there is no chewing gum allowed on the premises. That’s another first for Pub Spy.

The green and blue carpet was in good condition, the bar was well stocked and the countertop was very clean. The red leather barstools and bench seating were faultless and we only realised just how large this pub is when we went to check out the loos. The Lounge is massive and there is also a restaurant located upstairs.

The toilets were clean, with two cubicles, a ceramic urinal, a roller hand towel and there was hot water provided. It still amazes us that every pub in Ireland can’t provide a basic amenity like hot water.

We could only locate two GAA pictures on the premises and both are located in the men’s room. There is a picture of the 2006 Louth team that captured the Division 2 league title and of their neighbours Monaghan, who had lifted the cup the year previous.

Our time in The Windsor Bar came to an end quicker than we would have liked, but rest assured we will return. Pub Spy will stick his neck out and go on record that this pub has the friendly staff we’ve encountered in the past number of years. Keep up the great work.

**** Four-pint rating