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We'd love-Lee pints in this Coole boozer

We'd love-Lee pints in this Coole boozer

The Old Commando shouted “well holy God”, when we told him we were making our first visit to Kilcoole in over six years.

“If I ever find out who made the brain-dead decision to cancel Glenroe I’d write them a strongly worded letter!” he moaned from the back seat of the pubmobile. 

“Jaysus, I used to dread hearing that theme music when it was over. That’s when every child in Ireland knew the weekend was finished and it was time for school again,” the Young Commando joked.

We made it to Kilcoole in under an hour and we had to distract the Old Commando as we passed the exit for Glenroe farm.

Lee’s pub was the first watering hole we met and it seemed as good a place as any to stop off. Our designated driver located a parking spot and we all hopped out and made a beeline for the bar.

The cream, green and red exterior was in excellent condition and we noticed there is a restaurant area located upstairs at the lounge entrance. We weren’t in the mood for dining so we moved on to the next section and into the beautiful bar area. A young barman named Damien served us upon arrival and he was placed under tremendous pressure for the duration of our stay, but he was well able to cope.

It was busy when we called and the vast majority of the clientele were middle-aged males watching the sport on TV. The barman took our order without delay and he was also busy on the phone placing bets for customers.

This was certainly a lively spot we’d chosen. As we waited on our drinks the Old Commando pointed out to us that every customer with the exception of one was drinking Guinness. “That has to be a good sign. I can’t wait to join in,” he joked.

We took our seats across from the bar and most of the brown leather seating was in good condition. The Old Commando allowed his pint to settle for a moment or two before he took a taste, but once he did he confirmed what we were thinking... it was delicious. It set him back €4.35 and he said it was worth every cent.

The tiled floor was immaculate and looked like new. There is a pool table located at one end of the bar underneath the TV and luckily enough nobody was playing pool as it would have hindered people’s vision of the GAA match on TV.

There are four TVs in total, including a TV dedicated to betting odds and a dartboard on the opposite side of the bar. We also noticed two gaming machines which were occupied by the same two punters throughout our stay. 

“Can you think of a better way to squander your money,” the Old Commando asked us as he sipped away on his pint of stout.

They’ve had their own golf society here since 1980 and the Young Commando reminded us that Druids Glen is located less than 5km down the road. 

We’re sure golf is a very popular sport in these parts. The Young Commando gave the toilets a quick inspection and he reported back to us that they were spotless.

There are two cubicles, a stainless-steel urinal and there was a pleasant odour.

The spacious lounge is located at the rear of the building, but it was laid out in such a way that we reckon it is more about catering for food rather than drink.

It was great to be back in the famous village of Kilcoole and the home of RTE’s legendary soap Glenroe. Lee’s of Kilcoole is a beautiful pub and for any tourists visiting the area it will certainly leave a lasting impression.